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Some facts about Murghab Ecotourism Association (META)

META is, in December 2004, an unofficial association of Service Providers in Murghab Rayon.

META was created under the leadership of the non-government organization ACTED implementing the "Pamir High Mountains Integrated Project" (PHIP).

META was created within the frame of a UNESCO funded project: "Development of ecological tourism in the mountain regions of South and Central Asia

Within the promotion of responsible tourism in Murghab rayon, the objectives of META are:
To develop economic alternatives for vulnerable parts of the population.
To promote the sustainable valorisation of natural and cultural heritage.
To promote the Eastern Pamirs as a tourism destination on the national, regional and international market.
To train people motivated to engage in responsible tourism (service providers).
To serve as a tourism information centre with a tourism reception network.

In the future, META will, besides its non-profit role of capacity building, conservancy and marketing, play the role of a Sub-Tour Operator, offering community based tourism products to international tour operators. These offered package tours shall be organized in cooperation with those tour operators.

META will therefore :

Seek registration as a legal entity (public union with a non-profit and profit component) until March 2005.

Further work on capacities of reception to ensure the highest possible standard in this remote mountain region continuous component of their activities.

Seek partnerships with tour operators working under the same philosophy continuous component of their activities.

Seek local partnerships to ensure :
Promotion of the overall region (Pamirs, Badakhshan, Tajikistan) as a tourism destination.
the best possible repartition of profits for the benefit of the local community.
conservation of wildlife and their habitat.
conservation of archaeological sites.
promotion of local culture.

META members (December 2004) who have received one or more trainings in their field of activities:
7 Home stay providers: Murghab town: 4; Kara Kul: 1; Bulun Kul: 1; Alichur: 1
6 Yurt providers: Madian: 2; Kara Kul (Jalang): 2; Rang Kul: 2
5 drivers (all from Murghab)
5 guides: Murghab town: 2; Alichur (Bazar Dara): 1; Bulun Kul: 2

META contacts :
Ubaidullah Mamadiev, program manager
Ainagul Kalandarkhonova, program assistant

Mail : murghab@acted.automail.com
Satelite phone : 00 882 165 060 15 13

The members of META have agreed to abide to the following internal rules in order to act in the spirit of community based, ecologically responsible and sustainable tourism:


1. To respect fellowship and team spirit and to follow internal regulations of META
2. To promote conservation of cultural and natural resources
3. To respect holy, cultural and historical places
4. To give visitors insight into culture and traditions
5. To provide correct information and always be attentive to visitors
6. To respect visitors privacy
7. To discourage poaching
8. Not to disturb wildlife and its habitat
9. Not to offer skins, horns, meat, and other products of endangered species and to discourage others of doing so
10. Not to offer antique cultural items
11. To avoid using teresken as a heating and cooking material
12. Not to trample plants, pick up flowers and medicinal herbs
13. Not to pollute water sources and air
14. Not to leave garbage in the nature
15. To observe regulation of hygiene and sanitation in the home stays, yurts and camps.