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Welcome to one of the most amazing places in Central Asia: the Eastern Pamirs. Historically it has been a mythical place and difficult to access - still true today. Yet the majestic beauty of the high mountain deserts, summer pastures, lakes, peaks and gigantic glaciers reward visitors for their efforts, as does the hospitality of the people inhabiting these lands. Take some time to explore this remote and unique region and you will discover places of natural beauty, places of historical significance and rare wildlife Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, living conditions have steadily deteriorated. In order to address this problem, and with a view to popularise and protect the Eastern Pamirs cultural and natural resources, ACTED's Pamir High Mountain Integrated Project (PHIP) has been implemented since 2001- a community based ecotourism project with UNESCO and SDC support. This project will provide visitors with an authentic experience while also bringing benefits to the local population and preserving natural and cultural resources.

META (Murghab Ecotourism Association) is the local body implementing this project with ACTED, UNESCO and SDC support. More...

By using the services provided by META members, you contribute to:
- incomes that will be used to cover the basic needs of the service providers;
- the financial sustainability of META, thereby ensuring the sustainability of the project.

5% of the incomes generated by the service providers go to META and 95% to service providers. The 5% for META is used to cover its running costs and to provide micro credit to META members.

Also available:
- The Pamirs 1:500 000 map of GBAO: www.geckomaps.com
- Guide to archaeological sites of the Eastern Pamirs

The PHIP is implemented by ACTED under SDC and UNESCO support

Other PHIP activities include rehabilitation of social infrastructure, support to agriculture and animal breeding, school support to schools and support to handicrafts, micro finance and culture.

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