Special Ecotourism
  Travel organisation


Food and Accommodation

- Overnight homestay 6$ /person
- Overnight in a yurt 5$ / person

Existing capacities

- 4 home stays in Murghab (total 25-30 beds)
- 1 in Kara Kul,
- 1 in Bulun Kul
- 1 in Alichur
  - 2 yurts in Kara-kul,
- 3 yurts in Pyshart valley,
- 1 yurt on the Bazar Dara road.
- 1yurt in Bulun - Kul
- 1 yurt in Rang-Kul
Homestays and yurts are operational after receiving initial training as our existing service providers:
Homestay and yurt owners are provided training in basic skills of service (hygiene and cooking), the standard of the service is checked by META

Meals (summer prices)
  - Breakfast 1,5$ /person
- Lunch 2$ /person
- Dinner 2$ /person
- Snack during trekking 1$ /person Meals (winter prices)
- Breakfast 2$ /person
- Lunch 3$ /person
- Dinner 3$ /person
- Snack during trekking 2$ /person
Our service providers offer mainly traditional Kyrgyz meals. Soft drinks (Coca Cola, juice and etc.) and alcoholic drinks are not included in the price. It is available in homestay at a reasonable price.

Trekking and Jeep Tours

Salary of guides:
  - Local guide 10$ /day
- Porter 10$ /day
- Cook 10$ /day
- English speaking guide 15$ /day

Please be aware that English language skills in homestays and with guides/porters are very limited.

  - Jeep (Russian Uazik) from 0, 12$ /100 km to 0, 14$ /100 km (depending on road conditions, fuel not included)
- Mini bus from 0, 14$ /100 km to 0, 17$ /km (depending on road conditions, fuel not included)
- Pack animal rent 8$ /day
Mini-buses (Uazik - max capacity 8 passengers) and Russian jeeps (max capacity 4 passengers) are available within the META members. The drivers know the main sites and can provide basic interpretation.
In case of more demand, the tourism information centre can help to arrange additional transport.
All transport means can be called to transport clients from Khorog or Osh according to the request of tourists and tour operators

Distances and prices for round trips by Jeep

From Osh to Murghab and back:
  - Distance: 420 km x 2 = 840 km;
- 91$ by jeep: (840 km x 0, 12$ /km, fuel is not included)
- 118$ by mini bus (840 km x 0, 14$ /km, fuel is not included);
From Murghab to Khorog and back:
  - Distance: 310 km x 2 = 620 km;
- 74$ by jeep (620 km x 0, 12$ /km);
- 87$ by mini bus (620 km x 0, 14$ /km);
Transportation prices are liable to change. A regular update of the fixed costs as on fuel expenses will be provided.
Additional government fees:
  - Nature fee 1$ /day
- GBAO permit
- Sarez lake permit
The prices for the visa to Tajikistan, permit to GBAO and permit to Sarez Lake are on clarifying process, thanks to Tadjik Government initiative to simplify procedures.
Additional services:
  - Traditional Kyrgyz and Tajik music, songs and dance 30$ / hour (the final price is not fixed with a group yet)
- Visit the Yakhouse: Handicraft products (embroidery, small woven items and carpets with yak and sheep wool) are designed and made by the members of the Yakhouse and sold to a reasonable price.
- At the META office, detailed information on tours, sites and possible arrangements can be obtained


If you meet health problems due to altitude adaptation, please be aware a hyper baric chamber is available at META office.
Trained persons will help you there.

Be careful
Tour operators are requested to add in their package tours calculation an additional 15% for organisation, reservation and logistic of META.

The Murghab Ecotourism Association is supported by the Pamir High Mountains Integrated Project (PHIP) implemented by ACTED, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and UNESCO